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October 11, 2011


Today I made my first tutu ever.  I decided to make a no-sew tutu dress for my little princess who will turn 1 in 11 days.  Since we are temporarily living away from my sewing machine, I needed to think of new ways to do things. I figure she can wear this dress for her birthday and also for Halloween.
I also made a wand to go with it - see it HERE.

Here is my attempt to explain how I made it...

What you need:
Cardboard (for measuring/cutting the tulle)
Lighter (for burning the ends of the ribbon)

96 total pieces for this dress:
- 12 white 
- 42 lavender
- 42 purple
The width of each piece was about 3-4 inches - not an exact science.
For the length of each piece:
I measured how long I wanted the dress to be from my little one's armpit.
I added 3 more inches to allow for the knots and drop down gathering.

8 feet lavender
9 feet purple

Cut the Tulle:
Check out this great tulle cutting tutorial from Treasures for Tots.
Measure the size of your little one's chest.
To mark the ribbon, make 2 knots in the ribbon for the diameter of the chest.
Tie on the tulle between the 2 knots.
I followed this awesome video tutorial for how to use ribbon as the holder instead of elastic
and for how to tie on the tulle to the ribbon for a basic tutu. 
I decided to put 2 pieces of tulle together of the same color for each knot that I tied.
I followed this pattern for colors: 
2 lavender knots, 2 purple knots, 2 lavender knots, 2 purple knots, 1 white knot,
repeat until reaching the other knot
I ended up with 48 total knots tied on my ribbon.
To make the drop down:
Weave a separate piece of ribbon about 2-3 inches (or whatever you think will work for your little one - be creative) down from the top.
Lay your dress out on a big flat surface or hang it tightly from something.
Pulling the tulle straight down, wrap the ribbon around each knot and continue to connect onto the next knot, make sure to leave extra on the ends for tying the dress together in the back when you put it on your little one.
(sorry for the lack of pictures for this, but I needed both hands)

Decorate the top and drop down by wrapping around more ribbon.
Make sure to leave extra on each end in order to tie the dress together and make a bow.
Tie 4 ribbons on the top for the over the shoulder bows.
Use the lighter to burn the ends of each piece of cut ribbon.
Voila' - you are finished!
Here is the finished dress laid out flat.
Here is the dress hanging on a hanger.
(will post pictures of the dress on my little one after her birthday)

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  1. when u make the tutu dress does the top open up or move